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. but pointless, really. going to lose to the reds one way or another. >>> both president obama and mitt romney will be in ohio today. the story behind that swing state. >>> welcome back. take a look and you'll see that the dow futures are slightly higher. s&p futures up by close to two and a half. this comes after the market ended on its weakest levels of the day yesterday. yesterday was the worst day for the month of september for the dow. it was the worst day in two months for the nasdaq and it was the worst day in three months for the s&p 500. all of that kind of playing out overseas as well. in europe this morning, you are going to see some red arrows. a lot of concern about what's happening as protests pick up in spain, and you see more concerns coming in greece right now about austerity measures. the german dax is down by about 1.5%. the nikkei in japan was down by 2%. >>> in "sporting news," the atlanta braves are on their way to the postseason in. the boft the ninth against the marlins last night, freddy freeman connected and takes it to straight center for a walk-off homer. exciting.
, i'm larry kudlow, this is the "kudlow report." mitt romney and president obama both hit the trail today as they battle through the key swing state of ohio. but incredibly, romney dialed back his position on tax cuts today. take a listen. >> by the way, don't be expecting a huge cut in taxes because i'm also going to lower deductions and exemptions. >> no meant no. wrong idea. people need a tax break. middle class people need a tax break. i said on this show and wrote in a column, your message should be lower
see potential romney cabinet selections, glenn hubbard, he's been an economic adviser to both romney's presidential campaigns, last time and again this time, and john taylor at stanford university is also somebody who is mentioned frequently. look at state department as well that's obviously one that is a moving part right now because this interesting tension in washington on the obama side if he's reelected between john kerry who might have done himself some good with his speech at the democratic national convention, and susan rice is somebody who is often mentioned. now, this recent flap over libya and what the united states said or did not say about the situation there might have damaged her prospects a little bit. we'll have to watch that one, on the romney side robert zoellick, former world bank president and richard haass, president of the council of foreign relations mention there had and treasury secretary we talked about some of the names for the obama cabinet starting with the obama side, jack lew, former white house chief of staff, he's most easily confirmed here. erskine
both demanding accountability and i think both of them should resign, yes. >> i want to switch gears and come back to the main chance here, the issue is whether mr. romney, governor romney is going to inject foreign policy leadership into wednesday's debate. there's enormous speculation, some of it fueled by his op-ed piece in "the wall street journal" that blasted the president. i know the debate is about the economy, but it's also about leadership, do you reckon governor romney will put foreign policy into that debate. >> all this month you're going to have a contrast on the economy and foreign policy. what chairman o'ryan said is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. the set backs, the killing in the middle east of an american ambassador. a break in our relationship with our most important ally in the region, and in soyria, over 30,000 people are dead. president obama thinks strength is provocative and history teaches us that weak is provocative. and we're weak overseas as we have seen our defense capabilities decrease and as the president hasn't stood up, with resolution fo
runs out. both candidates for president appearing before former clinton. making a joke there. solary, a big day of foreign policy in new york today. >> i saw a bit of this. mit romney's idea that he want to leverage u.s. aid through private corporations to underdeveloped countries. but we already have the xm bank. a lot of people see that as more corporate welfare. was mitt romney giving us more corporate welfare? >> what he wants to have is a more sophisticated partnership. he doesn't want to be writing checks to the foreign governments. he wants a more sophisticated interplay. that was where he was going with this. but he cited the initiative as the model that he would like to pursue. he said what bill clinton has done is a model for how far rin policy can go. many thanks. >> let's get right to our guests. retired four star general. general mccaffery, can i get your take on something, iran saying they have a big missile test and is this bs or is it real? >> i think they are trying to project eemense military power. i do think they have the batteries to close down the gulf for any k
the ceo on. to answer these things is better than to say is romney going to create jobs. they did say listen, the bears are going to be mature and saturated. >> when you get on pay roll, we sell you the other products. that is still the both engine and we have a sales force that we are going to do it. >> i have a couple of businesses that i use paychecks. they are saying the same things. i don't want to hire anybody. i'm stopping that. is that part of the problem? people who would put someone on the pay roll to do something and they are the ones holding back or someone needing a loan that is not getting it that is holding back? we don't feel there is much holding back. i think that the election as we talked before is going to put a damper on things until small business, health care is headed and the consumer confidence numbers this morning. that is all driving small business. we feel pretty good that after the election. maybe we will pick up real speed. >> if you come in, let's say, let's say six weeks ago versus today, what did you see in your run that is better now versus what it wa
with that. >> if you comfortable saying that. >> i am. >> you know how they cut everything romney says, they cut out all the stuff on both sides of it? all we'll have for you is saying it tit, tit. remember faber, remember what he said? >> yes. the work on his finger. and you let him -- >> no, he stopped right after -- >> he stopped right after you said you what? >> yeah, anyway, boeing engineers and technical workers -- >> who did we have on last week who had a fluffer? >> a fluff off line of clothes. >> right, lululemon. >> is it not lululemon? >> in france it is. >> yeah, it is. what's happening here? the workers are voting to reject the pay offer from boeing. talks are set to resume today. a separate vote is required to authorize a strike so it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen. most experts say at this point that a strike is unlikely. >> we have another stock to mention this morning and that's google. shares hitting an all-time high yesterday after the search engine giant's stock at this point is now the second largest on the nasdaq 100 index. of course apple the biggest. it
a chance, we'll bring you any market moving news as we get it. mitt romney campaigns in the philadelphia area today which a republican hasn't won in nearly 25 years. pennsylvania, that is. president obama sticks close to washington today, though, with three fund-raising events. both men were in virginia yesterday catering to the state's strong u.s. military and defense industry presence. mary jo is still with us. is mitt romney in pennsylvania because he thinks there's a chance? how important is winning pennsylvania to him? >> pennsylvania is one of several battleground states in this election and it comes town really to a handful of states including ohio and florida and of course pennsylvania and virginia. the undecided vote so far is very small, but let's keep in mind at this stage ronald reagan in 1980 was running about five points behind jimmy carter. by mid october, he was 13 points behind and yet he won the election by nine points. >> what do you think will be that catalyst for swinging things in mitt romney's favor? >> a strong debate by mitt romney. there are three of them coming
wednesday that president obama and mitt romney will go face to face in their first debate. they continue to battle each other from of a par in several key swing states. both campaigning just a few miles apart in ohio on wednesday. >> so if they go around as they have in ohio with some board behind them with the numbers saying how it's a moral obligation to reduce the deficit, j ask them, well, explain to us how the numbers work. because they don't. they don't have a deficit reduction plan. they have a deficit expansion plan. >> i don't worry about the polls. i worry about making sure that my message gets through to the american people and the best chance for that to happen will probably be through debates as well as the ads that we each run over the coming weeks. it will be a very intensive time and i'm absolutely convinced that the american people do not want four more years of the last four years and that's why i'll win. >> pippa, there is so much pressure on mitt romney to perform well at the debates. but it seems quite clear that he's given up what lead he might have had in the polls
, i think that the whole tax debate in the u.s. has become a bit of a red herring for both sides. i think the right spends too much time defending it. the left spends too much time advocating. there was a poll out today which looked at wealthy voters and women voters for romney. it showed that taxes were not even among the top five issues for wealthy voters. the most important issues are jobs, economy, how you're going to get this economy moving again. so i think on both sides, this has become a false debate over should we tax or should we not tax the wealthy. i think it really takes the focus off the bigger issue, which wealthy voters are really looking at. maybe raise their taxes, maybe not. that's not even what's important for the wealthy themselves. what's important is how to grow again. >> and how do you grow when you're facing $16 trillion in debt? you have to make tough decisions like the entitlements. >> free cell phones. >> give them free cell phones. >> back to the tax question. i think it is key to solving the deficit problem. the tax plan that i would love someone to put
at the other side and i think both parties are wrong here. i don't think that common sense and arithmetic is being applied by either party and you look at the romney plan, you got, he wants to increase defense, right. >> what do you think of that? you're an expert on that. >> well, i don't think you can do it in this environment. i'd like to see us do whatever we're going to do -- >> the world's gotten a lot more dang ruerous in the last month. >> it is but we're coming out two of wars thate expen expensive, so i think you have to play with the whole deck of cards. in the long run we ought to change our tax system dramatically. i don't think we can do that in the short run. in the long run i'd love to see us go to encouraging savings and investment, some type of consumption tax at the income tax level. >> is anyone going into politics with a full deck of cards? >> well, increasingly no. >> marty, i want to just speak to one issue which is globalization in the whole tax debate during the commercial break, joe and i were talking about revenues, percentage of gdp and given the economic uncer
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11